How to make your clients more satisfied

Jan 24,2017
Satisfied Clients

Dear CAs, CSs, CPAs and CMAs,

Is this something you make your clients do ?

  • Take your appointment
  • Manage their busy schedule and visit your office (irrespective of weather conditions or traffic issues)
  • Wait for their turn (while you may be busy with some other clients or staff)
  • Seek your advice for their projects and leave with the list of documents to be brought by them (many a times repeated documents to be brought again)
  • Collect all the stuff and appear again Often asked to come for queries (i.e., postmortem of past actions)
  • Finally get their work done for this assessment year (however, same to be repeated again next year)


Well ! if you, too, do the same - Don’t panic ! it’s not your fault. Our traditional practice has bestowed such working style and made us this way. We,too, simply accept it, thinking - ‘there’s not much we can do about this.


But what about our clients ? Is it alright for them to give so much of their busy time to get their work done ? And our staff ? Is it fair to make them do the same work again and again every year ?


Can’t we control this and save more and more time of our clients and staff ?


Easycloudbooks helps us manage everything. We can avoid unnecessary meetings and visits and still, easily collaborate with our clients anytime anywhere.


Easycloudbooks, very well understands that each client deserves personal attention. Therefore , it makes us meet and communicate with our clients whenever and wherever they want ; irrespective of office timing and appointments restrictions.

Now our clients need not come to our office. They will no more feel the burden of submitting their documents to us, simply upload it. Infact, they can collaborate easily, as per their convenience and save a big part of their and our time.

Such online collaboration enables us to focus more on things that need our attention and we need not put our work aside for appointments or meetings.


Easycloudbooks paves a smart way to make our clients more satisfied than ever.