Assign Members on Project Instead of Todos

Jun 10,2015
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Its always great if software can be customised as per organisation and users style of working. We understand this and therefore we at easycloudbooks remove imposed constraints and introduce you following new feature.

Assigning members on project instead of each todo
Last week we had discussion with one of our subscribed users  CA S. V. Prakasha from Balakrishna & Co.  Chartered Accountants and he discussed how we can improve easycloudbooks project module to be more useful for big Chartered Accountants firms like them.

He explained how difficult it is to assign and each and every todo on project to staff and unless you assign todo to staff it will not be available to staff to work on it. Therefore he was seeking some simple and effective solution where he asked to provide facility of assigning staff on project and not on todos. Doing so we need not specifically assign each todos within project to staff and yet all the project members will be able to complete the todos as all todos will appear to them.

But then the concern was that every service demands different skill sets and therefore the present  style of creating teams in setting section should not be removed and it will be used as filter while displaying team members available for creating project of particular service.  

Further the concern was there are certain todos which should specifically be done by some senior or knowledgable person in that case if you assign important todos to some specific member then that person only will be able to complete that todo.

Lets take an example you have 50 staff members in company and out of those 20 staff are assigned to direct tax team. Now when you will create any project related to services offered by direct tax team you will be able to select project members out of those 20 direct tax team members. Further you will need to select project managers from that selected team and assign  one project manager as responsible manager.

Again suppose you have selected A,B and C as project members and you have created 10 todos within that project. Now if you wish that particular 2 todos to be completed by A and therefore assigned to A, then A will be able to work on 10 todos whereas B and C will be able to work on 8 unassigned todos.  In short todos specifically assigned to particular staff will be completed by that staff only.

Multiple Project Creation :- At the time of creating projects with multiple project creation wizard selecting team feature is not available and therefore project created with mutiple projects wizard will just select team leaders and relationship manager as project managers. However you project managers can anytime select the team members from project list page.



Note :-
Project Members :- Members selected to work on project. These person will be able to complete todos specifically assigned to them or on unassigned todos.
Project Managers :- Project managers will be able to assign the todos to staff and change the status of project and even reply on staff discussions.
Responsible Project Manager :- Responsible project manager will be able to archive the project and he is the person who is going to be responsible and benefited for project performance.