Creating Multiple Companies

Mar 27,2015
Excel ImportUser guide

Projects and Todo Module- makes it easy to keep all essential details about the project like milestone and todos, time sheet, internal and external communication on the project, all files related to the project, text working notes, contact persons information for the project, client communication etc related information on page page

Project on easycloudbooks is created with the combination of three things 1. Company, 2. Service and 3. Financial Year. This means for creating project you need to first create company and contact person related to that company first. These details is already maintained by practice unit in excel or other softwares used by them like taxation software etc.

To make company creation process easy and fast, we have provided import facility from excel file. All the practice unit need to do is to

  1. Download sample excel file from company module under “Import Company List” button
  2. Update the excel file
    In Excel file you need to fill up five details i.e. Contact Email, Contact Name, Company Name, Company Address and Contact Number. If you want to import multiple companies for which there is same contact person, you need to fill
    Same Data  on 1. Contact Email, 2. Contact Name and 3. Contact Number
    Change Data on 1. Company Name and 2. Company Address
  3. Import the updated excel file

FAQ's on Excel Import

  1. What happens with importing excel file
    Ans. After importing excel file multiple companies and linked contacts are created simultaneously.
  2. Who can create or import comanies
    At present this right is available to Admin and Team Leader.
  3. How many times I can import excel
    Ans. There is no restriction on number of times excel files can be imported. However you need to consider following situations to understand effects it will take on new excel import
    Situation Effect on Contacts Effect on Companies
    If email Id is already exist in system No effect on Contact Person and Contact Number even if there is change in contact name in new excel import New companies will be created if it is different than already existing company name
    If email id is not already in system Another contact person will be created even if same contact name already exist New Companies will be created even if same company name already exist.