Easing Clients Apprehension About Privacy Issues

May 26,2015

Today the world is moving from paper to paperless but the work of a Chartered Accountants is, still, full of papers. These professionals bundle a lot of papers in their office for years long to use in future as audit evidences. They believe - storing documents is a part of audit trail, good governance and also supports as proof in cases against them for negligence. But this heap of papers in Chartered Accountants office has become a big issue of worry among clients pertaining to their privacy matters.

In a recent survey, many clients said that they do not expose all the documents to their Chartered Accountants for fear of data beach. It was also revealed that clients feel that an internal data breach carried out by staff members would be much more damaging to a practice than if the practice was hacked by an outside source.

But with good office management software and strong management tactics, a Chartered Accountants can ease his clients from their worry about data security and also restrict unauthorised access to important information.

Staff Selection :
Data breach is no good for one’s practice especially, if initiated by someone inside the office. So while hiring staff members, care should be taken to select only those people who could be trusted and educated on the importance of good record keeping and privacy.

Qualified Team Leader:
A good team leader can help the Chartered Accountant to ease his clients fear about data breach and any other issues that may come up regarding client information. A Chartered Accountant should maintain access right system for accessing clients files, which reduces the possibility of data breach.

Online Office Management Software:
Online practice management software automates the office work, making it easy for the Chartered Accountant to manage and rely more on system instead of people.The paperless practice management software is designed to protect clients documents from unauthorised access. Staff members can add information to client files, but only the Chartered Accountant and his team leader can actually access the full files themselves.

Online practice management software is faster, smarter, cost-effective, manageable, easily accessible and fully compatible with the work flow that moves 24*7. It reduces the burden of file storage and documentation. It also makes one free from office timing restrictions as its the work that matters and not the clock.

By investing in good practice management software, a Chartered Accountant can give his clients the peace of mind needed to make them feel confident in providing the information he require to serve them best.

When one wants the very best in practice management and security, then it is easycloudbooks. Along with many office management features, easycloudbooks provides paperless solution for both - present as well as past papers. This multidimensional software highlights, at dashboard, essential insights of all the phases of work, with updated information on relevant questions and requirements. It not only makes clients assured about their data security but also provides them automated project status updates, reminders and anytime collaboration.

Such trio combination of 

                                         Trustworthy Team
Management Tactics
+  Practice Management Software
                                    =   Satisfied Clients + the Power to Manage Process
                                            instead of managing papers