How to Setup Paperless Office on Easycloudbooks

Mar 23,2015
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Easycloudbooks is online practice management software for Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Cost and Management Accounts, Management Consultants etc. leveraging the benefits of collaborative working with clients and staff on the cloud.

Once you make up your mind for making your office paperless, easycloudbooks would be better choice considering criterias like 1. Saving in Cost of papers, accessing papers, storage and misfiled documents, 2. Security and Access rights, 3. Availability at anytime and anywhere 4. Relief from maintaining other registers like attendance register, staff wise work dairies, In-Out document registers, receivable management etc. 5. Workflow management for making effective collaboration on project status with discussion and file sharing.

For setting your paperless office with easycloudbooks you follow procedure as below.

  1. Go to
  2. Click Pricing tab and submit Request for Pricing form
    Easycloudbooks offers totally customised package offers for paperless office and workflow management, depending upon size of your firm. Pricing depends upon number of staff whom you want to give access to the system, number of clients whom you want to give access and GB storage requirement.

    Further you can anytime upgrade your package i.e. if you wish to add new staff anytime or you wish to give access to some more clients or you require more GB space for uploading files you can do it by simply sending request email at
  3. Call From Our Executive
    On getting request from you for the subscription, our executive will call you, confirm your requirements and send you quotation from
  4. Make Payment for Your Subscription Plan
    After accepting the quotation you need to make payment via online bank transfer or by cheque deposit in our bank account.
  5. Email for your Subscription Activation
    On your making of payment you will receive automated email for confirmation of your subscription and setting of password for your account.
  6. Setup Your Company
    1. Set your profile
      Add your details like phone number, address, etc. and update your profile photo.
    2. Set your company profile
      Add your company details and update your company logo
    3. Invite Staff
      Go to Settings and Invite your staff with their email ID and personalised message for them. On your invitation they will get welcome email to set their account with password.
    4. Setup Service Offered by Your Firm
      What services are offered by your company add those services one by one specifying documents required from client for particular service under permanent and current. Further specify what output report you provide on completion of service.

      This will help you in setting up folder structure in which electronic documents are stored, which will also insure who sees what based upon role he plays in organisation.
    5. Setup Teams
      After inviting staff and setting up service offered, you will be able to setup teams. A team is created selecting members and services offered by that team. It is worth noting that you may add same member to more than one team but you can not add same service to more than one team, because this rule will help in auto assignment of projects to team leader based upon project relates to which service. Further you need to designate one or more member of team as team leader of that team.

    6. Setup Project Templates
      Project templates are basically SOP(Standards of Practice) for particular service specifying Milestones, Todos and Text Documents (for notes). Project template will help you reducing time in project creation by automatically adding todos.
      This is worth nothing that you may create more than one project template under one service. For eg. under service of Income Tax Return (ITR), you may create project templates like ITR for Partnership firm, ITR for salaried person, ITR for private limited company etc.
    7. Import Companies and Contact Person
      Easycloudbooks helps you in migration by providing you excel template for importing comapnies and contact person related to that company. This will help you in quick creation of companies and contacts, because projects are created in relation to companies.
    8. Wizard for Creating Past Years Projects
      Easycloudbooks helps you in creating folder structure for uploading files of client. However you can only upload files after creation of project and not before that and therefore for uploading files to earlier years projects, you need to create old projects. To help you in this regard we provided simple wizard which will help you in creating multiple projects simultaneously selecting companies, services and years. This wizard is available at projects menu.

      If you face any issues while setting up your company you can comment on this blog so that we can update. Please follow this link for help -