How to get rid of the fear of missed work

Feb 04,2016
Repetitive Projects
80 % of the work of a professionals like Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries; CPA, Cost Accountants etc. is of repetitive nature. Incredible but really true. A professional, actually, spends  major part of his productive time doing such tasks that are not only repetitive but also routine :
many compliances - to be dealt with, 
many due dates - to be timely remembered, 
many deadlines - to be properly tackled, 
many to-dos - to be clearly defined, 
many instructions - for his team to perform, 
many,many,many i.e., a never ending series of many's.
To be well-efficient in his work, he assembles all the possible facilities, resources and infrastructure, for him and his team to perform better. He always tries to deliver outstanding and timely service (as intensely demanded by his profession), but, all his sincere efforts often prove to be insufficient. The more he tries to be punctual; more speedily time slips from his hands. As a result, he usually finds something missed out. This increases follow-ups to him from his clients, and he, in turn, increases follow-ups to his staff ; making them more stressed as to anyhow finish up with the task,i.e., It shakes up the whole working system.
Such situation is always fearful for professionals because any project, no matter big or small, if missed out - not only attracts interest / penalties but also brings to risk the confidence of his clients. As far as interest / penalties are concerned, it's ok to some extent; but loosing a client or his confidence is not easily affordable for the professional.
Therefore, he, usually, keeps his hand in all the projects of his firm. It means he personally supervises everything that is taking place in his office. Normally he inculcates the practice of preparing a target list, to be observed and followed daily. But such list fails to notify anything unless and until it is manually updated through follow-ups. For this, he constantly cross-examines his staff. His staff, too, instead of focusing on their productivity, get busy in proving themselves to their boss. Finally, TIME WASTAGE of all.
Many a times the professional assigns someone,  specifically to update the list, but of no use because the particular person does nothing but again follow-ups to staff, so as to present the list to the management. Ultimately, TIME WASTAGE of all. Such system traps everyone into the vicious circle of routines ; there by restricting them to reach their potentials. The professional, too, is unable to focus on new ventures as he is already committed to ongoing work. For him new project comes with more stress and more tough routine. 
This whole scenario reflects NON-TRUST
- of CLIENTS on the PROFESSIONAL; and 
Actually, to keep pace in today's environment,  every professional highly requires a system that  makes him move forward to new ventures without any stress. It could be possible only when he is fully assured about smooth functioning of his ongoing work. He is confident enough of : 
No more doing of routine and repetitive work, as they could be handled automatically.
No more follow-ups to and fro, in fact automatic updates of all the work done, to the professional as well as his clients.
No more suspicious look at the staff, as direction of work flow is clearly visible. 
No more efforts from staff to convince the boss, instead focus on increasing their efficiency.
No more need to remember due dates, as timely alerts and reminders are obtained automatically. 
In a nutshell, no more missed work and no more frustrated clients.  All this could be easily achieved through EASYCLOUDBOOKS - a smart way of managing practice.
It enables the professional to easily trace due dates and keep track of countless assignments to team. Its project scheduler facilitates customising projects as per one's own time required. It makes period setting easy. Repetitive projects are automatically alerted. Staff need not wait for instructions to be given. 
Metrics of the software  : 
- successfully meeting compliances-----⬆️
- number of interest / penalties-----       ⬇️
- stressed staff------                             ⬇️
- time wastage in follow-ups------          ⬇️
- client trust-----                                  ⬆️
- focus on new ventures-----                 ⬆️
In a way, it enables the professionals to find a smart way to overcome the pain of missed work and build a system that can consistently deliver a great service to clients.