Standardize And Automate Your Practice Managing Services

Mar 29,2015
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What services are offered by your practice unit (Chartered Accountants, Company Secrataries, Cost and Management Accountant, Management Consultants etc. ) will help you in setting the boundaries within which your practice is capable of operating. This will help your team deciding which client assignments can be taken and which not. Further it will also help Admin in planning new skills required to be developed or acquired for offering new services under practice unit.

In Easycloudbooks services are managed through Manage Services under Settings button. Under manage service you can

  1. Add and Delete services offered by your practice unit.
  2. Add and Delete documents and report categories.
    Permanent refers to permanent documents required for a particular service, current documents refers to documents to be collected every year and report refers to output documents that you provide to client after completion of project.
    This will help you in standardised and auto creating folders for providing particular service. This will also help your staff in discussing documents requirement to client.
  3. Add and delete custom fields for service
    We collect several details from for providing services, like permanent account number, bank account details etc. Now these details depends upon the kind of service offered by practice unit. So we have provided custom fields which will help practice unit in collecting required field data for providing service. These data can be filled in from company profile page.  


How manage service helps you in project creation

Project under Easycloudbooks is created with combination of three things 1. Company, 2. Service and 3. Year. Now after selecting service you will be able to choose folders to be created for this particular project discussing with client about the same. This will also help you in deciding which data to be collected from custom fields. Further you will also be able to choose templates for faster creation of Milestone and Todos depending upon service you have selected.


  1. Who can manage service
    At present Owner or Team Leader can manage services.
  2. Can I rename the Service
    Yes you can rename service. This will effect projects already created.

  3. What happens to project when we delete the service
    Deleting the service will delete projects running or completed associated with the service. This is not advisable to delete service and warning message is always appears for confirmation of delete service.

  4. What happens when we delete document, report or custom field categories.
    You can anytime delete document, report or custom field categories. After deleting these categories will not available while creation of future projects. However it will not affect projects already created
  5. Can I manage document and custom field categories after project creation.
    Yes you can manage categories even after project creation. This is done from detailed project page, where Edit Categories button is available.