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Jan 11,2016

As a chartered accountant, I believe - Success of a professional depends not only on what services he offers but also on how he provides the service.

Therefore I always wanted to be more confident and be the best in providing  my clients a better service. Before interacting with any client, I always tried to make sure to know everything about that particular client, at that point of time, so that nothing is left out.

To accomplish this, I started keeping a diary and jotted down all the essential points to be discussed in the meeting or during phone conversation. It worked for those matters in which I was personally involved but also resulted in some missed work for those projects which were taken care of by other team members.
To overcome it, I and the practice manager of my firm, used to do some pre-hand study for the meetings, such as : Work status of all the projects of the particular client, Details of all the compliances relating to all his companies, Pending details or documents to be taken from him, outstanding bills or any advances  for all the projects he is associated with, etc. It helped a lot but, often, seemed to be unmanageable when the meeting was uninformed. Consequently, we had to keep the clients waiting so that we could access their details.

Therefore we started the practice of writing important points in physical files kept for clients, so that everyone in the team could refer them, while dealing with the clients. It also delivered results but with some inherent limitations of filing system like time wastage in accessing files or improper filing that was oftenly faced due to the difficulty in tracing out who updated the documents physically; and also the compulsion of being present in the office and putting aside all the ongoing work as and when any client wanted to know the status update of his projects or so.

We always tried one or the other improvements and never stopped searching for better ways to serve our clients because our priority was to ensure best practice at all times so that we could retain our clients for lifetime. However every new move cost our firm extra time and efforts.

Thereafter I thought to go for an automated practice management software that could enable collaborative working with team and automatically bring to notice important points that are to be discussed with clients either in meeting or over the phone. It should be able to give quick view of all the important details or missing things at just one click.
I went through many management softwares for the same and also tried a few best of them. Although it accomplished the needed results, but not as efficiently or effectively as expected by chartered accountants. The criteria for - one click information that could provide us enough confidence that nothing is missed out - was still not satisfied, owing to which we may always have to search and filter software for different details in different files. The search process for getting relevant information was not standardised and also proved to time-consuming. It couldn't make us confident enough that nothing is left out.

Finally, then, I thought of developing such a practice management software, specifically, for professionals like chartered accountants, company secretaries etc., that could take care of each and every process of their firm - from automated triggering of compliance schedules and due dates till its completion ; from project creation till report generation ; from automatic work assignment to staff till its timely reviews, via., automatic monitoring by project managers ; from automated work status updates till reminders for billing to and collection from clients and that's how we got EASYCLOUDBOOKS - a smart way of managing practice.

It truly proved to be a game changer.

Now client meetings, whether planned or sudden, does not require any study beforehand, as client information is easily accessible at one click anytime anywhere. Whenever a client visits our office and interacts with any team member, the purpose of effective communication and meeting is fulfilled as my team is always updated with all his information, such as -

         - how many companies that particular client is associated with,

         - no. of his currently running projects along with status update

         - list of any missing details or documents

         - details of all bills receivables or advances for all his projects

         - compliances, registrations or licences applicable to his company/ companies

         - and much more.

This has boosted confidence in staff and made them sure that nothing could be missed out. Now they can afford to forget things with a simple trade of developing a small habit of clicking at the contact while dealing with the clients. EASYCLOUDBOOKS makes them clear about their job description and proves to be a guiding light for their activities. Our clients, too, need not enquire their work status as they are automatically updated about the same.

Our transition to a paperless lnfrastructure through EASYCLOUDBOOKS has helped my firm to improve staff mobility, job satisfaction and productivity - as well as deliver client service faster, and in less time, efforts and costs.

It gives me all the essential insights of work at my dashboard and keeps me updated, flexible and helps me respond to what's going on, at lightning speed.

A few smart changes improved everything. Now I always make my clients get more than they expect.

" The best customer service is if the customer doesn't need to call you, doesn't need to talk to you. It just works." -  Jeff Bezos ( founder of Amazon )


Article By

CA. Vinod N. Pahilwani