Is Your Staff Working Upto The Mark ?

Jul 04,2017
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Dear CAs, CSs, CPAs, CMAs, Lawyers,

Is your staff working upto the mark ?

Heading towards the topic, Let's discuss a few questions :

– How many staff members do you have?

– How do you judge their productivity ?

– Do you assign work to them to start ?

– Do you give instructions for each and every project ?

– Do you find the process of monitoring work painful ?

- If you leave your office for two weeks, could your firm run on its own?

- Are you like most professionals in that you don’t have a lot of free time?


Whether you are a 3 or 30 person firm - the same questions apply and if you find any of these resembling with your situation, this blog is exactly for you.

We spend most of our lives working for our goals. Almost everyday we try to touch new heights and move a step further towards our vision. We begin our journey to success, but, it's our team that actually helps us to move on it. Our employees make our firm's success a reality. It's truly said - "'Employees are a firm's greatest asset. "Our people are everything – without them we don’t have a business! "


Therefore, We provide them all the possible facilities, resources and infrastructure to perform better. They do our work and try do it well the way we'd like to have it done. But, in spite of all the sincere efforts, we often find something missed out. And this is where our trust trembles.

According to a recent survey among the offices of practicing CAs and CSs, it was discovered that one of the hardest thing for these professionals to do, is to delegate/assign tasks and then to monitor it, timely.

It was also found that many professionals have their hand in all the projects of their firm. It means they personally supervise everything that is taking place in their office.Instead of letting others handle various tasks, they try to do it all themselves. This might work for some - when the firm is relatively small in size ; But as the firm is going to grow, this seems to be difficult.

The survey concluded that such professionals are always preoccupied with one of the other routine matters and, therefore, hardly find time for new emerging opportunities. After all a professional can't do it all alone. If he wants his firm to grow, he has to hire such people who can take these responsibilities independently ( with some level of adequate supervision from the professional, of course ). It means that staff should be entrusted to handle some functions almost independently.


Actually, it's upto you to decide the outcome you want your firm to achieve.

Do you always want to be doing all the legwork?


Do you want to build a truly self sustaining firm?


Ultimately it depends on your ability to trust the people around you and truly delegate responsibility to the managers of your business. After all, you cannot expect those, who you rely on, to run your firm, just as you would have done unless and until you do not give them a sense of ownership.

Moreover, your employees should also know that if they do the job they were hired to do, with a reasonable amount of competence and efficiency, you will support them.

Try to instil in them a sense that your business is their business. To grow your firm, you need a system that can consistently guide your team through all the possible know-hows and to dos; and also role based authority.


Easycloudbooks provides such system where your staff is not just an employee.

You all are A TEAM -