It’s A Revolution ; Not Just A Solution

Jun 15,2017
Client Review

CA Arun Kumar Tiwari It has freed hundreds of hours from my working month

- says CA Arun Kumar Tiwari

- (Chief Consultant at AKT Associates, Mumbai)


AKT Associates, is a  Mumbai Based chartered accountants’ firm, that provides accounting, business and financial services. Here’s what it’s chief consultant says -

It is really amazing to see how easycloudbooks is changing the way, we CA used to practice. It is really revolutionizing our lives and working style. With well thought and properly implemented automation, it is really doing wonder in our client Relationship and work management.

In our company, it has automated many manual jobs which we used to do repeatedly day in & day out. The best value is - it has freed us at least 3 manpower and hundreds of hours from a working month. Now we are able to focus more on our core areas. It has really increased our efficiency and effectiveness of client services.

I am really impressed and will like to recommend it to other professionals. I appreciate the zeal of the team of easycloudbooks and it’s constant efforts to make our practice world class and commitment to bring a very innovative and cutting edge tool to put our practice on auto modes.

Kudos to you and your team, keep innovating, keep revolutionizing !