Its Not Just Better Quality, Better Customer Experience Also Matters A Lot

Apr 20,2015

          The Profession of a Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Cost and Management Accountants expects a lot in a tiny day,  meetings with clients, managing & guiding staff, updates & reviewals, compliances, daily appointments etc. With so many chores to be coped with, high performance becomes stressful. Such a stressful practice environment often makes us forget that the foundation of our work is our clients. We easily see our pain to serve them but hardly try to visualise the efforts of our clients to approach us.

  • Takes appointment (as per our convenience)
  • Manages his schedule for meeting
  • Visits our office (irrespective of the weather conditions or traffic issues)
  • Waits for his turn to see us (while we may be busy with other clients)
  • Consults us & discuss his work
  • Leaves with the list of documents to be brought by him
  • Collects all the stuffs & visit again
  • Often asked to come for queries (i.e, postmortem of past actions)
  • Finally gets sorted out, with his work.

And the same process starts again for next work engagement.

          Aren’t those Meetings time-consuming for us & our clients? No doubt, such meeting are important but at the same time they do put a brake in our work. This duality makes us ignore that we ultimately work for those clients. It’s just not enough to simply do work; we also have to know what keeps our clients satisfied. Easycloudbooks understands this dilemma and helps practice unit to avoid unnecessary visits and yet collaborate anytime anywhere.

This online practice management software doesn’t do different things, it does things differently.
Easycloudbooks understands each client deserves priority. It makes us say yes to meet the clients  who want to communicate whenever & wherever they  want irrespective of office timing mentality & appointments  restrictions. Clients need not come to our office & still can collaborate as per their convenience. We, too, need not break our work for appointments.

Such an any time collaborations enables us not only to focus on doing work but also focus on how our firm can help our clients succeed in all the ways that are important for them. After all we can’t measure our own success without measuring our success by how well our clients are doing with our help. Its not just better quality, customer experience also matters a lot.