Let The Project Managers Lead The Project

Jun 01,2015
Manage ProjectsPractice Management

Its great pleasure for us to introduce following new features in project management module of easycloudbooks. These features will help you in managing projects easily and effectively.

  1. Project Manager
  2. Archive/ Unarchive Projects
  3. New Filter -Open ToDos

Project Manager

Now you can select one or more project managers for managing the project while creating project or even afterwards. At the time of selecting project managers, you also need to identify responsible project manager and name of this responsible project manager will appear on projects list page and performance reports will be generated considering responsible project manager. All project managers will be able to create ToDos, Assign ToDos to staff and Change the project status while responsible project manager will be able to archive  or unarchive  projects.

You can select project managers from following

  • Company Relationship Manager
  • Team Leaders
  • Staff of Team

At the time of project creation by default Company Relationship Manager and Team Leaders will be selected as project manager and you can definitely deselect and select anyone as project manager.

Archive/ Unarchive Projects

Responsible project manager will be able to archive the project. Generally project should be archived at final status of project i.e. Collected status, but project manager if they wish to archive the project before he can do so for example project and completed and billed and payment is not recoverable then at Billed status also project manager can archive the project.

Project managers can always view the archived projects selecting archive filter. Further if he wish to unarchive the project he can do so, doing so the project will be available for working on it.

New Filter- Open ToDos

Open ToDos filter available on projects list page will help project managers and executives to view only those projects on which some ToDos are pending to work. By default open ToDos filter will be applicable and project list will display project on which some tasks are pending. However deselecting Open ToDos will display projects on which all ToDos are finished and it will also display projects on which you have not created any ToDos.


Note :- 1. Company Relationship Manager :- You can manage company relationship manager from company page
2. Team Leaders :- You can manage team leader from manage team under settings.