Manage Workload Easily and Quickly With Projects

Mar 30,2015
Manage Projects

Project module helps users to manage their workload. It displays total workload as per role he plays in the practice unit (Chartered Accountants, Company Secretary, Cost & Management Accountant etc.).
At present user can play three roles in the company 1. Owner 2. Team Leader 3. Executive. So when Owner logs in he will be able to see work load of entire company, when team leader logs in he will be able to see work load for all the teams for which he is leader and when executive logs in he will be able to see only those projects in which ToDos have been assigned to that particular executive. Projects are managed at list level and detailed level.

Project list page helps owner and team leader in

  1. Quick view of status of all projects related to him. Lead status would display only projects which  have not started yet. This feature help owner and team leader in moving the work forward from lead to payment collection.
  2. Changing the status of the project from lead, not started, in progress, on hold, completed and collected.
  3. Owner and Team Leader can
    • filter projects by company to view projects of a particular company.
    • filter projects by service to view projects under particular service offered
    • filter projects by focusing on particular staff to view work of particular staff.
    • filter projects by financial year to view projects related to financial year.
    • also apply multiple filter to focus on particular aspect of work. 

Project detailed page helps in keeping and getting all relevant easily and quickly. It helps in

  1. Setting and assigning ToDos to executive staff
  2. Discussing team members for the issues faced by the staff on ToDos assigned to them
  3. Managing the cost of projects by assigning time requirement on project for different executive staff.
  4. Communicating with client for the matter requiring his attention.
  5. Managing documents and reports related to that particular project.
  6. Changing the status of the projects from lead to payment collected.
  7. Managing working notes on the project with text documents.
  8. Navigating to company profile and contact profile for getting more information about company and contact.
  9. Managing payment received on project.