Automate Work Assignment Creating Teams

Mar 29,2015
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Manage staff helps practice unit (Chartered Accountants, Cost & Management Accountants, Company Secretaries, Management Consultants) in adding staff who are going to work for the practice unit. Manage service helps practice unit in listing the service it offers to clients. Now to automate the work assignment to leaders we need to manage team identifying staff for the team and services which are offered by the team from the total list of services offered. Team creation is managed through manage team under settings section.

To Create team

  1. Click Create New button on Manage Team page from Settings section.
  2. Fill up form providing
    • Team Name,
    • Team description,
    • Add team member one by one from drop down list and make one or more as team leader,
    • Add Services one by one from drop down list to be provided by this team.

Benefit of Creating Team
Creating team will automate the task of making team leader responsible for the project for the services in which he is team leader and thus reducing the burden of Owner of the practice unit.

Team Leader on their login will be able to manage (Create, edit, view, delete) projects for the services for which he is team leader from project section.

Note :- You can add same staff to more than one team but you can not add same service  to more than one team.


  1. How many teams I can create.
    You can create unlimited number of teams.

  2. What happens if I delete the team
    Deleting the team
    Service assigned to team gets unassigned and therefore new projects related to those services will not be created until services are agains assigned to another team.

    Projects already created for those unlinked services will not be deleted but however they will be visible only to Owner as there is no team leader for the unlinked service.

  3. Can I add staff or service to team already created
    Yes you any time link and unlink staff or services from manage team page only.