Meeting Due Dates With Ease Using Easycloudbooks

Jun 18,2015
Manage Projects

So what is the date today? Is it a compliance due date for any service? Oh is it VAT challan payment date? No its TDS Return filing date. This is the scenario of Chartered Accountants office and so is the case with other professionals like Company Secretaries, Cost Accountants etc. They can not afford to miss any due date related to services offered by them to their clients. The problem gets multiplied with number of clients and number of services offered by Chartered Accountant and Further each compliance may have more than one due dates applicable.

Its not just about getting reminder for a particular date related to particular compliance for a particular service offered to multiple clients, its about which staff should get reminded for a particular service and how easily he updates his immediate boss about number of clients for whom compliance is met or not.

Considering the above referred problem we are introducing our new feature of managing due dates on projects. Due dates can be of two types
Related to legal compliance dates for eg. VAT challan payement due date, Returns filings due dates, etc. These kinds of dates can be assigned to services offered by practice unit under manage service settings
Related to practice units style of working for service offered by them for eg. practice unit can set regular meetings to discuss review of accounts on regular basis or for payroll purpose etc. for which they need to get prepared well in advance of the due date. These dates can also be managed through applying due dates on services under settings.
Related to custom due dates on projects. e.g. for projects related to company formation or projects requiring longer period to complete you may wish to get focused on milestone progress then you can create custom due dates at the time of project creation.

Managing Due Dates on Projects
At the time of project creation you will able to select appropriate due dates applicable to project or you can even create your own custom due date applicable to project.
You can further manage due dates on project from project module also.

Effect of Due Dates on Project Creation
At the time of project creation on clicking the service and period a list of possible due dates will appear and you will be asked to choose applicable due dates for that project. It is worth noting due dates will appear with reference to compliance period and therefore you need keep same compliance period settings in year and period settings for different year for eg. VAT Return period is Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 for year 2013-14 then same period settings should be for all year like following image.

Effect of Due Dates on Project List Page
You will be able to view due dates applicable on particular project in due dates column. There you will be able to view  completed due date as well as upcoming due date to help you 1. in getting answered about which due date compliance is met or pending 2. in planning you approach for upcoming due dates or incomplete  due dates. When particular due date compliance has been met you need to tick it inside the project detail page and its effect will appear on project list page.


Note :- For projects already created before introduction of this feature, you need to manage due dates on each project from project module.