Prerequisites for Paperless and Automated Office

Apr 04,2015

    Today’s world is moving towards automation. Every little thing around us works automatically but have you imagined, that these things to perform automatically, required some efforts to be put in, in the beginning. Automation is a raw and wet clay that firstly expects you to define a shape of your own and give it to the system. Once you finish with it, things would work on their own & in the manner you want them to.
    EasyCloudbooks, too, is an automated software that helps you create the shape for smooth functioning of your work. It is just like a new employee that initially requires some training & instructions from you to understand the flow of work. A little of your present time, now can save a lot of your future time i.e. by doing some settings initially Easycloudbooks would move on its own towards the direction of your needs & expectations, by giving you better results performance & quality that is more than desired.

    For instance, think of a marriage. It is something where two strangers adjust a little, change their styles & try to move together towards a new life. Similarly one step of yours towards the setting of this automated system, could pave the way for a new automated work life.  

    Practice unit (Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Cost and Management Accountants etc.) can take the benefit of automation software to do something more than routines but for this purpose they need to define their business process i.e.

  1. What services the practice unit offers.
  2. What documents they need for each service they offer.
  3. What reports they provide for each service.
  4. What steps they follow for each service.
  5. Who is responsible for execution or management of service.
  6. How performance is going to be reviewed etc.

    For this purpose practice unit need to hold brainstorm meeting with minimum 2 persons from each team offering different services to create their business process, because unless and until practice unit itself is clear about their process it can not explain the same to the automation system which works purely as per customisation.

    With this understanding you can move on to easycloudbooks for making your office paperless and automative. Do read “How to setup paperless office with easycloudbooks” - step by step guide for settings required to customise easycloudbooks.