Smooth transition to paperless practice management

Mar 26,2015
TransitionPractice Management

Today the concept of becoming paperless is on air. Many professionals (Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Cost and Management Accountants etc.), too, are trying to be a part of it by converting their work into paperless. The idea of a remote, paperless office with 24*7 work accessibility has touched everyone's mind. New ways have developed, yet the pattern to review the past years papers hasn't changed. Our staff spends a lot of their time in reviewing past papers. They need to go through  previous documents to get a clear understanding. But is it really possible to go paperless when we still refer our previous documents as our guide ?


So how to manage our previous papers while working in a new paperless environment ?

Easycloudbooks helps you to balance old with the new. It facilitates uploading your past documents on the system. Uploading past papers is worthy because our information is not only in different files for different services but it also extends to different financial years . At first you will have to invest some time in the process of uploading past papers but you will end up with a better execution when you actually need those papers .

Once you finish with the uploading , you can have secure and instant access to any document and Also multiple users can go through the same paper, at the same time. So make it easy for your team to connect past with the present in no time and that too without peeping in various files of various periods.

Easycloudbooks gives you a paperless solution not only for your present files but Also for your previous papers :
Client wise
Service wise
Period wise
Category wise

For this purpose you need to create multiple projects related to old documents and to help you in this regard we present you a simple “Create Multiple Projects” wizard. This wizard goes through the following five steps for easy creation of multiple projects.  

Smooth Transition to paperless office with multiple project creation wizard

  • A. Select Companies for which you want to create projects.
  • B. Select Services for which you want to create projects. Here you can also select template for auto creation of milestone and todos but it is recomended not to do this for creating already finished projects.  
  • C. Select Years for which you want to create projects
    These three steps multiple (A*B*C) combinations projects will be created except projects already created.
  • D. Final view step will help you in deselecting projects not required to be created. Further this will also help you in setting status and price to multiple projects available to be created. Upto Fourth step it is possible to reverse the process.
  • E. Created projects will show projects created with the wizard with link to view project.

Once projects get created it will display auto created folders categories for documents and reports where you can upload records.

So accelerate your transition from paper to paperless with ECB.