Staff Management On Easycloudbooks

Mar 27,2015
Manage StaffSetupUser guide

For managing practice on Easycloudbooks, practice unit (Chartered Accountant or Company Secretary or Cost & Management Accountant) can give account access to their staff on Easycloudbooks, which will help practice unit in collaborative working i.e. project assignment, file access, staff discussion etc.


In Easycloudbooks, the right of adding and deleting staff is presently available only to Owner under settings>manage staff.

To add new staff

  1. Owner needs to invite staff with email id of staff, personalised message, Cost/Hour of that staff and Price/Hour of that staff.
  2. On invitation staff will get email for the invitation and can accept or reject invitation. On accepting invitation he has to set password. However if the staff has already an account on easycloudbooks with same email id then accepting invitation will automatically give him access for new company.
  3. Getting access on Easycloudbooks, staff will be able to set his profile, access files, view contacts, view companies, communicate on projects etc depending upon his access right for that consultants company.

To delete staff

  1. Owner can anytime delete staff from manage staff section in settings. After deleting the staff, the staff will not be able to access the company at all, however work already done by that staff will not be deleted.
  2. Further even that staff can himself also delete his accesss for consultants company by deleting himself. However he can just delete himself and not anyone else.