Things You Can Do To Free Yourself From "Due Dates Followup and Reminder"

Aug 10,2015
Due Dates
A CA has to work within the sphere of different compliances and in doing so, he constantly keeps a watch on the due dates. These due dates are positioned on the top of his priority list because if not met on time, they are liable to attract interest and/or penalty which is no good for the CA and his clients. Therefore he always plans to finish his work before the deadlines. He makes some checklist as a direction for his team to move on. This checklist covers all the essential activities such as document referrals, challan payments, timely return filings etc., however it always begins with the most important aspect i.e., follow-ups and reminders.
Many a times, the process of follow-ups become very complex and time-consuming. At one side, the CA wants his clients to come on their own as they are well-awared about the due dates. On the other side, the clients, inspite of knowing the deadlines, never turn up and wait for the reminder to come because they expect the CA to handle all their compliances, legal formalities, taxation issues etc., and not to bother them from their busy schedule. 
Finally, the pain of penalty and the prevailing industry norms (that other consultants remind each and everything), force the CA  to undergo the process of follow-ups and reminders. He, then, begins with another checklist for follow-ups and assigns the job to some of his staff, who set aside all their work and reluctantly move with the new task. This degradation of their activities become frustrating and stressful for the staff. An alternative to this could be, to appoint an employee especially for doing follow-ups. However if, that particular person is not fully aware about the seriousness and urgency of the task, it proves to be a wasteful activity. 
Follow-ups are important but at the same time, they break the work. As a result, things become more haphazard and desired outcome does not reflect. 
             But Now There's a UNIQUE WAY OUT  - "EASYCLOUDBOOKS"
This cloud based practice management software automates the process of follow-ups. Now the CA or his team  need not spend their time for setting a follow-up system. The built-in controls and personal settings of ECB sends automatic reminders and timely alerts to clients and that too, in no time. It not only shortens the process of follow-ups but also makes it better, faster, cheaper and convenient for the CA by reducing manual efforts to a great extent.   
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