Use Default or Custom Access Rights to Control Who Can See What and What He Can Do

Jun 17,2015
Manage Staffrole management

We at Easycloudbooks understand and appreciate management concerns about controlling users right on the easycloudbooks system and therefore we introduce you our new feature of managing access right on the system through manage role under settings menu. User rights are applied on Easycloudbooks to control who can see what and what he can do. This will help you to give your staff and clients role based access on easycloudbooks where you can use default roles like Owner, Executive, Accountant and further you can create your own custom roles.


For setting access right on easycloudbooks go to
1. Manage role under settings menu to manage roles with access rights and thereafter


2. Assigning that role to staff through manage staff under settings menu.


In Role Setting page you can :-
Manage page wise rights for users under already created roles
You can create customised roles

Basic settings inside role
Read - will give access to page
Add or Create or import - Can add entry or staff or company etc.
Edit or Change or set - Can edit particular feature or post inside the page
Delete - Can delete particular entry, contact, staff or project.
Show price- will display price or balance amount of project

Default Roles Managed Through Manage Roles Page :-
Super owner or super admin - Person who subscribed easycoudbooks will by default get this role. This person can not restrict his role and he has all access to the system. This is the person who can give right to others even right of giving rights can be assigned to others. This role will not appear on manage role page because  as such no management is required on this.
Owner- Super owner or super admin can create other owners of the system say partners. Rights management is required on this role. This owner can not delete or restrict rights of super owner or super admin.
Executive :- Basically this role can be assigned to staff.

Note :- Create Project Rights :-
By default super owner and owner can create project related to any service. But if you are giving this right to other role, then they will be able to create project only if he is either

Team Leader on manage team page :- This user can create projects only for services for which he is team leader. In short team leader can Create Project = Right to Create project on his role + He is team leader on manage project
Relationship manager on manage company page :- This user can create projects only for companies for which he is relationship manager. In short relationship manager can Create Project = Right to Create project on his role + He is relationship manager on manager company page

Special Privileges Created Without Manage Role Page
Project Manager :- When project  gets created, user creating project (Owner, Team Leader or Relationship Manager) can assign project manager who can manage the project i.e. can add staff or assign todos on project.
Responsible Project Manager :- He is also one of project manager but with additional responsibility of project performance and with additional right of deleting and archiving the project.