We again became boss in the office rather than being the assistant of staff

Nov 18,2016
Client Review

CA Suresh Kumar We can focus more on the consultancy part “

- says Suresh Kumar Sirvi

- ( Partner at Sirvi & Associates )


Sirvi & Associates is  a successful Chartered Accountants firm, that takes great pride in serving a variety of establishments, from small business firms to large international corporations, from salary-earners to self-employed professionals, from private companies to government sectors.


Before we started using easycloudbooks in our office, we had manual registers to note all work  activities. We used to manually search records,i.e., whether the return has been filed or not for a particular party from the long list of register, which consumed a lot of time of our staff. Some times staff, due to its careless approach, failed to record returns and documents with proper date and ackn.


Due to manual system, we had to constantly take follow-up from the staff about work status and also to complete the work in time. During that period we became the assistant of the staff to timely remind their work.


Besides, in manual system, there is no log that how much time has been spent by the staff on a particular task and who has worked on the task. Sometimes notes written regarding the task also got misplaced by the staff and they were unable to recall the same after few days elapse.


As far as to communication to clients is concerned, no log was available about  whom we had  talked on particular date for the pending works.


Then, we started using easycloudbooks to manage our practice, and we got all the solutions, i.e.,the problems we were facing in manual system no longer exist. Like;

1. Now first of all, we again became boss in the office rather than being the assistant of staff.

2. We have all the tasks completed and pending works about a particular client  on the screen.

3. We get the details of  pending works at a click.

4. We can easily trace  belated returns and why it is still pending due to notes available on the screen.

5. Communication with clients has become very convenient; their contact person and contact number are easily available on the screen during the work so staff can directly call and take the information.

6. Time sheet is available so that how much time is spent by a particular staff on a particular task is automatically visible and we can analyse whether such time is required or not on that task.

7. Now our staff need not wait for any instructions as they are  always informed about work-in-hand, it's to dos and know hows.


Now we need not remind our staff -  what to do. It fully automates the service part of the practice and thus, we can focus more on the consultancy part.


! It's really a Game Changer !