Why should a professional use practice management software to manage his firm?

Aug 17,2015

     Why should a professional use practice management software to manage his firm? Its a question demanding critical thinking in today’s complex working environment. 

     Many professionals adapt to a number of operational softwares to ease their work and offer services in best possible way. To do so, they design many systems and processes for their working.They keep records of many activities, though time-consuming, but very essential for managing work. 

     Instructing and monitoring staff, time and attendance management, performance index, forecasting projects costing etc. such tasks could be better handled by a good practice management software. It helps reduce the time that is usually taken to track down such routines. Adapting an automated practice management system makes many such labour-intensive tasks run automatically. 

     Not only this, another realty of today is that people now work as much from home as they do from office and with the move towards an always on, always available culture, they need a process that enables them to be compatible with this more open style of working. Our cloud-based practice management software meets this demand in the most convenient way, merging all office work and management activities into one simple-to-use application. Its Easycloudbooks- The Smart Way Of Managing Practice.

     This automated paperless software enables more flexible working, allowing its users to work 24*7 from home or abroad. Staff members, too, can perform better as they are guided and instructed well in advance with all possible know-hows and information at their fingertips.

  Filing and documentation that earlier required an enormous amount of time, efforts and space could now be accommodated in the cloud and easily accessed whenever and wherever required through easycloudbooks. 

     The system also presents statistics on key performance indicators
such as : the number of projects closed, projects opened, projects currently being dealt with, cost of project, bill raised, cash received and much more. These figures can be viewed by the authorised person only and any other person having access rights to it.

     As well as making client related information readily available (present and past), it also benefits the clients through file sharing, synchronous communication, automated project status updates and reminders, anytime access
to their documents etc., thus facilitating less person-to-person contact and getting work done in a more better way.

     However the system’s round-the-clock accessibility doesn't compromise its security. This aspect is being dealt with very carefully. Unauthorised access is just next to impossible. Infact it keeps track about the number of log-ins into the system. This application is well-equipped with the advanced features of data backup and disaster recovery management.

     Easycloudbooks believes that the key to error-free performance is the process and not people. So one should built-in systems and processes that enables his team to give their very best, instead of getting  trapped in routine formalities. It helps a professional to make his team, staff and clients know just how much they matter.