Why Your Work Assignment Never Works Out the Way You Plan

Aug 04,2015

“Work assignment” though seems to be a small word, but is a Big Problem for a CA.
The question arises here “How?” How is it a Big Problem?
We have observed a CA’s office and felt that staff sits idle when he/she does not have any work to do. But, nobody noticed the reason behind that. Staff can work only when a Practice Manager OR the CA himself assigns some tasks to him/her.

The fact is, CA is always short of time. He remains busy with Client’s calls and Physical Meetings. He hardly gets free time to assign any task. According to him, assigning a work is not a big deal. However, the process behind the assignment is a tough task. It becomes tough for him in a way that when he assign a particular Work, he has to explain him the Steps / Processes that a staff has to follow in order to do it. When he assign a work, he also make sure that he has to keep a watch on the staff’s activities so that he should not make any mistakes. When the staff makes any mistakes, the CA has to explain the same thing again and this is a repetitive task. And for these the CA doesn’t have time to explain. So, he either keeps on postponing or ask his staff resulting in the delay of the project.

Complications arise when the client’s work is not finished on time and he keeps on following up for his Project status and thus, resulting into stressful environment in the Office. Clients keep on bombarding on CA for their Project Status and in turn CA starts pressurizing his Staff to work fast and sometimes asks them to sit extra hours to complete the work. Instead of explaining the same tasks again & again, Sometimes CA prefers to do that job by himself sitting late in the office or at home.

At the end, he feels that he is doing all the clerical job, which he is not supposed to do. He downgrades himself in order to satisfy his clients by doing the work on time. His life becomes stressful. It becomes hard for him to maintain the balance between his Personal & professional life. He then starts feeling that “Doing Job in a Company is better than Practicing as a CA”.

Incurable Conflicts arise between Staff, CA & Clients. CA doesn’t trust his employees. Staff doesn’t believe in the CA and his Practicing Firm. Client’s follow up results into chaos between him and CA.Those conflicts leaves an unremarkable effects on CA, Staff and the end client.

CA:  CA thinks that his Staff are doing nothing; taking salary for free and are not at all productive. And on this basis, he keep on firing the old Staff and hiring new ones. He provides training to the new Staff thereby wasting the same amount of time as he had invested in training the previous staff. And it keep on going as a process of “Staff Rotation”.

Staff: On the other side, staff believes that the firm is not worth of working and many a times take switch to other firm to excel their knowledge.

Client: When the client doesn’t get the work done on time, he feels that it is worthless giving its projects to the CA.

This is an ongoing long term problems which cannot be cured.
The only remedy for is EasyCloudBooks – An online Practice Management Platform
Job assignment is handled automatically. Repetitive Explanation is not required – The CA can create Templates (Service-wise) as per its own Standard of Practice (SOP’s). This will be created once and get saved permanently. It can be used for any project. He need not have to Explain his staff same thing repeatedly. He can assign a project from anywhere and can add all the relevant information by adding the Templates in it. His staff will refer the templates created by him and can start their work without even waiting for him to come in the office. All the recurring tasks will be reduced.
Happy Staff ☺ --- Happy Client ☺ and Ultimately Happy CA ☺