Your Projects, Your Style, Your Periods- Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly etc

Apr 21,2015

          Its not just about getting work done, Its about getting your work done in your way. We understand every practice unit (Chartered Acccountant, Company Secretary, Cost and Management Accountant etc) is unique and works in its own way. What applies in one is not necessarily true in another, so a system must be implemented to the unique characteristics of each. For instance a practice unit may be managing compliances for client on year to year basis and another practice unit may be managing it quarterly.  

          With this understanding in our mind we introduce “new year and period setting” under settings menu,  which will help you in managing year and period for which you can create and manage projects. Now you can create calendar year like 2015, 2016 etc or you can create financial year like 2015-16, 2016-17 or combination of both. This is most needed feature for practice unit serving clients internationally. Further you can also create periods within year like Q1, Q2, Jan, Feb, Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun etc. as per your operating standards.

          Now, when you create new project for client you need to select year as well as period. The default value for period will be “Full”, which means full year. You will be able to select different period only if you have created it in settings. While filtering projects also you need to use combination of year and period to display the filtered project list or project files.

          Further you can now create multiple projects for same company, same year & period and with same service. This was required by practice units giving certification service or for rectification work for instance rectification of income tax return or filing revised return.


What happens to project already created before introduction of this year and period settings?
Before introduction of this feature we were allowing projects for full year and therefore following the same logic projects already created will display year with “Full” combination.

What will happen if we remove period from settings?
You can anytime remove year and periods from settings this will mean two things. First you will not able to create projects with removed year and period. Second projects already created will not be deleted and will still be available.