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Why Easycloudbooks Born?

Why Easycloudbooks Born? hmm...

It was the last evening of the year 2013. My husband, Vinod, had promised me a candle-night dinner to celebrate the outgoing and the incoming new year. I was eagerly waiting for him but as usual he was busy and couldn’t keep his word.

Being a Chartered Accountant, Vinod was always work-stressed. I don’t know about other professionals but for C.A’s time is always running fast and a 24 hours day is never enough for them.

I always thought his family was no longer a priority for him. While being with us he always thought of his clients, attended their calls, had discussions with staff and much more.It was a nice thing that he was so much dedicated towards his work but it was, also, equally true that he had no family time. Our home was just a hotel for him to check in at night and check out in the morning.

One day, I decided to have a talk with Vinod and went to his office. I was there for three hours but he couldn’t spare even 20 minutes for me as every now and then there was either a call or a client or a staff member asking something. That time I realised he was helpless for not having a peaceful personal life.

I wanted him to be out of the 24 * 7 circle of work stress. In today's automated world why can’t the work of a C.A be automated? Having that question in mind I talked to Vinod about the transition from the typical work pattern to an automated style of working. The glimpse of happiness spread on his face. He wholeheartedly welcomed my idea and together we started working towards the revolutionary change. And that is Easycloudbooks

Even now he is working 24*7 but with complete peace of mind. His clients, too , get their work done without personally coming to him or calling him at odd times. his staff also need not worry or wait for instructions to be given. Deadlines are no longer a pressure for him.

Everything is same. Same work, same people working, same people getting their work done ; the only thing that has changed is working on cloud. Now a C.A can work whenever and wherever he wants.

In the beginning of the year 2014 my husband had no time for us but by its end he had plenty of time.

  • TIME for family
  • TIME for himself
  • TIME for doing something he always wanted to do
  • Now he is not only dedicated but also passionate for his work
  • Much more TIME for his office and clients

Its just like a dream come true.

-- Deepa Pahilwani - Director --